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Americas Next Topmodel Ch Chantelle is so beautiful despite her skin disease

Chantelle suffers from the skin disease vitiligo.
Photo: instagram / winnieharlow
  1. So diverse is beauty
  2. Secret favorite
  3. They called you Cow and Zebra
  4. She has accepted herself and her illness
  5. Perfect perfect

So diverse is beauty

Long legs, a narrow waist and an attractive face - the fashion industry strives for unqualified perfection. A perfect body, a perfect face. Clones hovering inconspicuously through the fashion world, always emulating an ideal and without that certain something - until now.

Actually, it fits perfectly into the picture. Chantelle is smart, self-confident and has a lot of modeling experience. Nevertheless, it differs significantly in one respect from its competitors. Chantelle is ill. For many years she suffers from vitiligo. A skin disease that leaves some parts of their skin depigmented. Body and face adorn almost artistic patterns.

Secret favorite

Chantelle Brown-Young is part of the new season of " Amercia's Next Top Model ". While the German counterpart has already found his winner this year, modelmama Tyra Banks entertains with crazy fashion shoots and bitchy candidates. The favorite is already determined: The beautiful girl with the skin disease.

They called you Cow and Zebra

Your skin is not flawless. But she is special. For one or the other unfortunately too special. During her schooldays, the young girl was bullied. Comparisons from the animal kingdom belonged to the "good sound". Insults such as zebra and cow were on the agenda . Now she strikes back and shows everyone what's inside her.

She has accepted herself and her illness

Chantelle, who calls herself Winnie Harlow, stands by her stigma, consciously using him for her career. "I want to become Americas Next Top Model because it's my life's dream. I am an outsider and I want to prove that you can achieve your dreams despite all the mistakes and setbacks. "She speaks openly about her illness. Already in 2011 she said: "We are no different. It's just the skin. Some people are black, others are brown, I am both. "

Perfect perfect

Tyra Banks made clear just over six years ago how diverse beauty can be. For the first time in the history of America's next top model, Plus Size Model won Whitney Thompson. The trend towards something special - even outside the television screens. Just recently, a Plus Size Model conquered New York Fashion Week.

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