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This is charity: help with heat wave

She just wanted to help, so she hung up a note. But this green piece means so much more! At the last heat weekend a Hamburg girl wanted to help in her neighborhood. We think that's great!

Getting older in the heat should be normal
Photo: Istock

A great example of simple but very loving neighborly help. It can be so easy. We wish us...

Posted by Wege aus dem Einsamkeit eV Wade Hamburg on Friday, July 3, 2015

On Saturday, the association "Wege aus dem Einsamkeit eV WADE Hamburg" has posted the sign of a Hamburg girl on its Facebook page - and rightly so, because at temperatures over 30 degrees every step is exhausting - and certainly for old people important to offer them help.

Who exactly is the friendly person who hung the shield, so far could not be found out. But the comments in the net are consistently positive: "This must be a wonderful person, respect, " writes a user. Or also: "This is a helpfulness that can help many people at these high summer temperatures.

We also find this neighborhood help absolutely admirable. And even more important: imitative worthy. Because the more people lead by example, the better. And not only at temperatures over 30 degrees.