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Dr. Student salts: Twelve minerals bring the body into balance

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Gentle salts for well-being

A dozen Schuessler salts are enough to be successfully used against a variety of ailments. Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schüßler discovered the mineral salts as a remedy about 130 years ago.

Mineral salts perform important tasks in the body. The organism needs it for the smooth running of the metabolism. They control biochemical processes and convey information between cells.

Cold, heat, bacteria, viruses or injuries - for Dr. med. Schüßler were all stimuli that can disrupt the mineral balance of the cells. His conclusion: once the cell metabolism is out of balance, the organs and immune system can no longer function optimally, healing processes can be delayed, symptoms can worsen or even new diseases can occur. The visual appearance is also affected because, for example, connective tissue, skin and hair are also dependent on a balanced mineral balance.

As a logical therapeutic consequence Schüßler to the body mineral salts, which occur naturally in the organism - and in homeopathic dosage. The principle behind it: If the missing substance in this way "in homeopathic piggyback" directly into the cell, an impulse to normalize the disturbed mineral metabolism is set. The cell returns to its proper balance on its own.

According to the motto: "if the cell is healthy, the organ recovers, " the organism's processes can return to normal. Body functions are stimulated or regulated again and diseases are improved. Dr. Schüßler therefore called his tablets functional.