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Home remedies for odors - Ingenious tips from Yvonne Willicks

Yvonne Willicks is the WDR budget expert
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Coffee powder, cat litter, apples ...

It quickly smells good again with these great home remedies tips from Yvonne Willicks

You can still be so clean - some odors are persistent in the household . Good advice is really expensive. Because many attack in the fight to products that go into the money. That does not have to be. TV household expert Yvonne Willicks calls the best home remedies for common odor sources.

  • Sneakers : They smell unpleasant after sports, just fill two old nylon stockings with alumina cat litter and leave them in your shoes overnight. Also proven: Wash sneakers in a laundry net in the machine. Then stuff with paper and dry upright.
  • Dishwasher : After rinsing, add a little soda to the machine bottom, which quickly binds the odor. In addition, regularly clean the drain screen and door seal.
  • Dust eye r: Even if the bag is not full, many devices will blow musty smelling air into the room over time. Washing powder provides an immediate remedy here. Simply spread on the floor and absorb. It already smells like freshly laundered laundry.
  • Refrigerator : The high humidity ensures bad odors. These can be bound with a small bowl of baking soda. If you also wipe the interior with vinegar water, bacteria-related odors have no chance.
  • Stove : A cup of coffee powder placed nearby will absorb the smell of burnt food. As immediate aid: Sprinkle some powder on the still hot but switched off stovetop.
  • Car : If you put a cut apple in the footwell for a few hours, it smells fresh again.

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