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Place light in the living room correctly


All good things come in threes - even in room lighting: general lighting, reading and accent lighting. Where this trio works harmoniously, you feel really well. Guaranteed!

Model nature! The luminous fair-weather clouds are made of tear-resistant, paper-like polyester fleece, which can be changed to suit your mood. So hover over the ultra-flat coffee table sometimes sheep and sometimes heap clouds. Just hang up at the ceiling outlet in the middle of the room, ready! Even more optical gadgets in the living room complacent? Here you go! The table lamp on the sideboard sparkles and shines like a crystal chandelier. Only the stylish reading light is dedicated above all to their function.

Glamor girl

Individually threaded crystal chains fit here to the lampshade and shine with the metal frame to the bet. The restrained shelf lighting leaves the accessories the star appearance.

Luminous fabric

This lamp needs a top spot. Because the umbrella and foot are indeed clothed with openwork material - fireproof and hardened and offer a magnificent shadow play. Compliment to the 60 cm high "Lady in White".

Manufacturer: Pendant lights "Cloud", each about 400 euros: Belux. Floor lamp "Afra", about 485 Euro: Anta. Lamp on sideboard "Chrystal Drop", about 300 euros: the laundry. Sofa "Alfa", from approx. 1500 Euro, carpet "Samson", approx. 440 Euro / qm: Seefelder Möbelwerkstätten. Coffee table "Pluriel", about 20 x 92 x 138 cm, about 1220 euros: Ligne Roset. Sideboard, approx. 770 euros, shelves shelf, each approx. 195 euros, both "now! time ": Hülsta. Stool "Rondo", about 450 Euro: Hey-Sign. Curtain fabric "Pinus", approx. 38 Euro / m: Saum & Viebahn. Laminate floor, about 25 euros / sqm: Joka. Mohair Plaid: Eagle Products on Lizzart Living. Cushion "Jorun", picture frame "Fjällstad", picture "Pjätteryd", teapot "Värme": Ikea. Metal vase, about 40 euros, fruit bowl, about 37 euros, tea cups: the laundry. Stoneware vases, 60 cm high, about 80 euros, 40 cm high, about 70 euros: Souk. Vase, green patterned, about 25 Euro: Habitat. Tonpferd: scale. Photo right: Table lamp "Lady in White", approx. 200 Euro: The laundry. Glass vase, about 58 euros: Souk. Lanterns: Butlers.