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Crazy Museum - we show crazy buildings from all over the world

Photo: Corbis / Guggenheim New York

International architecture

Are you interested in art and culture? You just have to see these crazy buildings!

How do they look ?! A log in the landscape, a zig-zag house or Mediterranean simplicity - here you will find a variety of cultures to discover.

Many museum buildings are not only a masterpiece inside. Whether in Abu Dhabi, New York, Hamburg or Bilbao - well-known architects from many museums have worked hard and built crazy constructions. They have left their handwriting all over the world - forever and ever.

We have researched some of these fantastic eye-catchers for you. Take a look at what there is not all about bizarre and beautiful museums in the world.

We hope you enjoy browsing! Maybe you would like to have a look at an exhibition in your city. Take a look at how the museum is built in your area ...

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