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Roman blind in green

  • Fabric remnants in green (haberdashery)
  • Roman shade (eg

      from Ikea; about 16 euros)
    • fabric scissors
    • Sewing machine with yarn
    • pins

    1. Cut fabric into squares (here: 30 x 30 cm incl. Seam allowance).

    2. Sew squares right side together to create long strips (here: 3 squares for the lower edge and 6 squares for the side edges of the blind). Iron seam allowance apart.

    3. Sew the strips on the roller blind, ironing the long sides about 1 cm. Beat the strip around the roller blind and fasten with pins. Turn cloth at the corners of the blind. Stitch strips.

    Carefully, for the bars of the blind, briefly expose the seam and the drawstrings must not be sewn with.

    4. Fix the roller blind to the window.