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Carmen Geiss' Legs: No trace of cellulite!

Legs with wow factor: Carmen Geiss has no trace of cellulite.
Photo: Getty Images

Sexy in shape

These legs have the wow factor: everything taut and slim with Carmen Geiss . Cellulite ? Not with the millionaire's wife. Pretty crisp, the 48-year-old presented in tight costumes in the RTL dance show "Let's dance". And let's be honest: The legs of the busty high-society lady are amazing.

Lastly, as a sexy bathing girl with a short dress a la Baywatch, every spectator could get an idea of ​​the fact that the society lady has no cellulite to hide. As was the high leg cut no problem. And in that we already know Carmen very well: in 1982 she became the German "Miss Fitness" . Sexy poses in tight beach fashions were part of the daily business for the native of Cologne back then.

And even today, the mother of two is well trained. Nevertheless, through "Let's Dance" tumbled in addition to the extra pounds. Carmen has already lost four pounds . Of course, this also pleases husband Robert (50). Even before the show, the ex-Miss fitness with shape kept in shape.

And her perfect legs do not just show off the millionaire's wife on "Let's Dance". Also in the RTL2 show "The Geissens - a terribly glamorous family", the jet set lady likes to present herself in short skirts, tight shorts or in a bikini - that's how they know and love their fans. And that's no wonder: because who does not like to look at such legs.

And they are naturally flawless: From their bosom and nose Op makes the 48-year-old no secret. At her model stilts she leaves the beauty Doc does not ran. But for Carmen is one of the most important anyway: godfather Rooobääärt to please.