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VEGAN FOR FITAttila Hildmann's tricks for vegan slimming

Eat vegan

Photo: Sandra Czerny

and losing weight does not happen by itself. Even if vegans do not use animal products, they need to take some tips into account when it comes to losing weight.

One who needs to know how to do it is cult vegan chef Attila Hildmann's book "Vegan for fit!" is currently on the upper echelons of bestseller lists. he revealed what is really important in vegan slimming :

"It's an illusion to believe that you can lose weight on a vegan diet alone, because you can also eat and eat as a vegan, for example, with pasta, a fat sauce and a soy pudding. My Vegan For Fit System, on the other hand, also sees no need on simple carbohydrates such as white pasta, industrial sugar, chemical additives, preservatives, flow improvers, antibiotics, etc. before and thereby tumble the pounds drastically in just 30 days. "

A concept that really works: "100 test persons lost half a ton of fat after 30 days, making on average 5 kilos per person in 30 days and all without feeling hungry, " reveals Attila Hildmann proudly.