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Breast augmentation at Rihanna?

Rihanna performed with Jay-Z and much bigger breasts

Rihanna / ©

Has Rihanna also given in to the pressure of the entertainment industry and turned her A-cup into a C-cup? So far, she always confidently thrilled her fans with revealing shots, which she showed with mini-breasts, but which matched her figure. Now she has moved to London for work and may have used the geographical change for a physical one at the same time. During the "Hackney Weekend" the "Where Have You Been" interpreter was on stage together with Jay-Z. They were not only seen in a very tight, if a bit bizarre outfit. Most of all, she seemed to have gained a lot of bust size. What makes this blatant change possible with stuffing alone? Rihanna recently publicly stated that she was missing her round shapes. Recently, in an interview, Rihanna had tinted that she no longer felt happy with her forms since she had lost so much because of the job stress. She misses her butt, she had explained in the context [Celebrity reported], but possibly also meant her bosom. Did she help? What is your expert judgment? Are these breasts fresh? SE

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