Recommended, 2022

Editor'S Choice

Football glass and cardboard box

for the glass:

  • drinking glass
  • Artificial turf (hardware store)
  • double-sided adhesive tape (eg from Tesa)
  • Filling material (eg sweatband, crayons, candies, table football players)
  • red gift ribbon
  • tape measure
  • scissors

for the can:

  • round cardboard box (craft shop)
  • Spray paint in green (eg from Marabu, craft shop)
  • Dekomarker in white (eg from Edding)
  • red ribbon


1. Measure the height and circumference of the glass and cut the synthetic turf appropriately.

2. Stick with double-sided tape around the glass.

3. Fill glass with sweatband, crayons, candies, etc.

4. Attach a table football player to the glass with the cord.


1st round spray box with green spray paint. Let dry.

2. Use the decomarker to draw a soccer field on the box.

3. Tie with ribbon and push a football card under the ribbon.