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Boris Becker: What's wrong with his marriage?

Everything is different lately ...

In the past, Boris Becker (42) and his wife Lilly Becker (34) could never get enough of each other. They hugged each other, kissed each other passionately, publicly affirmed their love. But lately everything is different. Disputes and chaos seem to dominate her life: what's up with her marriage?

Hardly private life: Since Boris Becker last year with started, there is no more privacy in the house Becker. No matter what Lilly, Amadeus (10 months) and Boris Becker do - the cameras are always there. It's no wonder that love can fall by the wayside. Too many trips: Yesterday London, today New York, tomorrow Vienna: the three are always on the move. The time changes make especially Lilly to create. But even for baby Amadeus that is no picnic. At just ten months he had his first jet lag. After a long flight on, Lilly recounts: "We were both confused." Evil scenes: Already one month after their wedding in June 2009, there was a violent scandal between the spouses. Lilly had Boris Becker wait an hour at a gala dinner. When she finally showed up, Boris Becker scolded her in front of all the guests! The rest of the evening Lilly then crept around with her head down. Embarrassing words: Boris Becker never seems tired! At a hotel bar he asks the camera of "Where is my wife?" Lilly is already sleeping exhausted, and so Boris Becker turns to the bartender: "What are you doing here on such an evening? I'm almost a bachelor. " Is such a loving husband behaving? Hardly Lilly is not there, announces the former tennis star Boris Becker, that he is single - what should people just think? Conclusion: After a year, the Beckers do not look like a couple in love. But since Boris Becker has mastered every crisis so far, Lilly and he will drive away the dark clouds. Maybe they take more time for themselves? Then the love of happiness returns?

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