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Fashion from the discounter - What can the new Lidl collection do?

Blue and white maxi dress with pattern, ca. 9 Euro. (KW 26)
Photo: Lidl

Shoes for 7 euros

Clothes and accessories from the discounter? At Lidl you can now buy new parts for the upcoming season - the absolute bargain price. But what can fashion do?

Not only in the conventional fashion stores, there are now the new parts for spring and summer 2015 to buy. Also at Lidl you can now buy fashion and accessories at super low prices. The current collection includes everything the women's heart desires in the shopping rush: From dresses to shirts to shoes and scarves, there really is nothing that Frau does not like to do in the, um ... shopping cart.

In terms of price, the collection is unbelievably cheap - as you would expect. At the discount store, there is a dress from about nine euros, a pair of ballerinas from about seven euros or a scarf for five euros. So far, so cheap - but what can the Lidl collection ?

To our astonishment, the parts are quite fashionably designed for spring and summer. Trendy patterns, lace details on tops or flamingo prints we would also find in the normal fashion shops. There is even a Lidl lookbook, which looks so professional that it can easily compete with reputable labels. Lidl seems to want to appeal to really fashion-conscious women with his new collection. But do they want to go shopping at the discount store ?

Questionable. But Lidl knows how to keep women on the hook. The strategy: Not all parts of the collection are available immediately and at once in the stores. Every week new bargain-clothes appear, which are supposed to make you want to spend the warm season.

What the collection looks like - and when, what is available at Lidl, can be found in the picture gallery above ...

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