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Barbara Salesch: A smart creative about her new beginning

Barbara Salesch loves the new and can let go of old things well: "As soon as I have the impression that too many things are repeated, I am thinking of changes."
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Judge, TV star and artist

As judge Barbara Salesch on television, she was a star. She could be pretty strict, brisk, yes, sometimes loud. That fascinated us - a woman who did not fool herself into an U and always remained a woman like us. But the spirited lawyer Barbara Salesch, 63, can do so much more. She writes wonderfully; her new book has the title "I love the beginnings " . She actually does. When she broke up with the TV, she started a new career as a painter.

Where does her desire for change come from?

There is a lot that interests me and what I want to get to know.

How do you manage to say goodbye to the past and get involved in something new?

New things need a lot of time, especially at the beginning. I take it, even though it is often not easy to push back the proven and the familiar. It is more difficult when a change of location is due, because that means forcibly losing the previous everyday contact. But you build new ones.

Are new beginnings 50 more difficult than 20?

No. Maybe they are slower. But for more decisive. You've already tried a lot and now know what's up to you - and above all, what does not suit you.

They write in their book: "I hate to make big financial commitments because they hinder new beginnings." Is there an example?

I used to rent until two years ago, and by no means in luxury apartments. With that, I had more money left over to make my everyday life free, whatever was going on.

Have you ever regretted a fresh start? For example, the decision to go to TV as a judge?

No. Certainly not. Was a great number, as a professional to go on TV and to shape the afternoon. And with 49 and overweight. Until then, judges there were generally ancestral and rather cumbersome. And in general: If something did not turn out so well, I could always change direction.

Decide from the belly out or weigh exactly arguments?

"Head Only" is as risky as "only stomach". A secure decision includes both. My stomach and my head have a good marriage.

What does Barbara Salesch dream of?

My office work would be done.

Do you believe in coincidences?

I rely on you. Everything always comes in time. How many coincidences there actually was in my life, I noticed only when writing. Exciting to read.

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