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Nadja Tiller: "My dear Walter was in my thoughts

Nadja Tiller with her great love Walter Giller.
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The first trip after the death of her husband, who died in December

Life goes on, somehow. Nadja Tiller (83) just makes it. Almost 55 years she was married to her great love Walter Giller († 84). Now she has to go the rest of the way alone. The first trip without him was not easy. We accompanied the actress.

One station of the cruise was Gdansk in Poland. What connects you to this city?

Nadja Tiller: "My parents went to the theater and traveled a lot, so if they could not take me, they would take me to my grandparents in Gdansk, they had a hair salon, it was always great for me and I went to school there for a while And so Danzig is my favorite city, but unfortunately the dream came to an end in 1945. "

Did you come back later?

Nadja Tiller: "Yes, once with a school friend and twice with Walter."

Was it bad that Walter could not be here this time?

Nadja Tiller: "In my mind, my dear Walter was there, I miss him anyway, I sometimes find myself wanting to call him in his apartment next door, and then I pick up the phone and suddenly I remember that this is no longer possible Incidentally, I feel the same way about our little bitch - and, oddly enough, I still have the feeling that she is still there. "

Walter loved the sea and the ships very much.

Nadja Tiller: "Yes, that's why he wanted a maritime burial, which we respected."

Unfortunately that means you have no place to mourn.

Nadja Tiller: "I do not need a grave to mourn, I have a lot of pictures of Walter in my apartment and he's in my heart."

How is it for you to live alone in the Augustinum?

Nadja Tiller: "I am well looked after and feel like I'm in a nest, but what helps me is the fact that many of them are in the same situation as I. They came as a couple and then they are one partner That gives me some comfort and support, I think it's right and good to be in the Augustinum and I'm glad I did it with Walter. "

They are often addressed. Does that bother you?

Nadja Tiller: "No, I think that's very adorable, and I'm especially happy when people thank you for all the beautiful films, which I hear more often."

Walter was also a very open-minded and friendly person.

Nadja Tiller: "Yes, that's right, he had an open ear for everyone, and he was also happy when people complimented him on his films - it's a nice tribute."

They both usually stood together in front of the camera or on stage.

Nadja Tiller: "Yes, when I was offered a role, you always looked at whether there was a role for Walter and vice versa, which worked out most of the time, so we were never separated too long."

They look great. How do you stay fit?

Nadja Tiller: "I've been doing" gymnastics for the brain "recently." The first time I did "Laughter Yoga" for the first time was doing light yoga exercises and laughing, which I really liked. "

How do you spend your days?

Nadja Tiller: "Oh, there is always enough to do, twice a week I go to the physiotherapy and twice to the Ergo Therapy.There are already four days away.It's not that I'm sitting here and get bored or start to I also enjoy going to the theater or the opera, and as long as I can, I'll do it. "

After Walter's death, did you ever think about going back to your old home Lugano?

Nadja Tiller: No, not at all.With the fact that Walter died, there is no motivation for me to be in Lugano.The chapter is finished for me.If I visit there, it is nice.More But also not."