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Balkonbepflanzung: In the pots, get set, go!

Now it says: In the pots, get set, go! Then your balcony will bloom in summer ...
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The best plants to prefer and on the balcony plants

Now it says: In the pots, get set, go! Then your balcony will blossom in the summer! Which flowers, herbs and vegetables are suitable for home gardening on the windowsill. And how it works ...

But now! If you want to have it blooming on your balcony in the summer and want to specify it with a lush balcony planting and vegetable yield, you have to start now. Because plants that have been preferred at home, become strong and resistant - and later give the gas right in the open air.

So you start for the optimal balcony planting : First, you look at the optimal place - the brightest windowsill in the apartment is perfect, because enough light is the nuts and bolts. Then in the garden center or online (eg Amazon) the seed for a choose a few favorite plants.

The so-called "cultivation soil" (stimulates root growth) in small pots, press lightly and moisten well. (Potty made of cellulose can be planted directly in the window boxes in late spring).

When sowing, keep the seeds a thumb wide "at a distance". Lay seeds on the ground (one or more, stand on the box) and cover with some soil. Rule of thumb for the balcony planting : The layer should not be higher than twice the thickness of the seed.

Then cover the pots with cling film or put a plastic bottle with cut bottom over it - both ensure high humidity and ideal germination conditions. Once a day for a few minutes, lift the cover to allow air to rise. And once the top layer of soil is dry, moisten thoroughly with a spray bottle.

With luck, the first green tips show up after only a few days!

Everything's so colorful here! Who stands in the garden center in front of endless shelves with seed bags, can hardly decide. That is why you will find out here which flowers, herbs and vegetables are worth the "getting-up-to-the-door-up-high" ...

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