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Swimwear collection for more confidence Swimwear for women who have defeated breast cancer

What at first glance nobody realizes: This swimwear is aimed at women who have breast cancer and who have experienced an amputation. How designer Melissa Odabash brings her collection to a new level of self-confidence.

Photo: PR

A diagnosis, as they get 75, 200 women in Germany every year: breast cancer. Breast cancer. What comes next: long illness, radiation, chemo, hair loss, nausea, the body mutilated. And the realization that life is not infinite ... Nearly 18, 000 women die every year. But survive even more. Luckily. What hardly anyone talks about: the life after the illness. How can I get used to my new body? Accept me as I am today? And: Can I maybe even feel good again someday?

Exactly about these questions, the London designer Melissa Odabash has thought. Her answer: The charity project "The Future Dreams Collection". Behind it hides a swimwear collection that allows women after the disease with breast cancer to wear beautiful bikinis and swimsuits unrestricted. Campaign model is Jamie Odabash, the sister of the designer, who had to make her own experience with the disease.

What particularly impresses us when we look through the Lookbook: Nobody would come up with the idea that swimsuits and bikinis are a collection of women suffering from breast cancer. All thought-out features such as padded cups, adjustable straps, a higher back and insertable breast pads are hidden and not recognizable to the viewer.

"For many women with breast cancer, bathing suit shopping is the purest nightmare, " says Jamie Odabash. "And then there are the personal aesthetic problems of every woman - and you do not feel like going to the beach anymore - the shape, the function and the fashionable design create confidence again." Especially to yourself.

All models cost uniformly 205 euros. The entire proceeds will be donated to the organization "Future Dreams Charity".