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Application: Box of colorful buttons

  • 1 chip box, about 12 cm in diameter (craft shop)
  • Linen fabric in light beige
  • Sewing machine and matching yarn
  • double-sided adhesive tape (z.

      From Tesa)
    • Textile adhesive (eg from G├╝termann)
    • various buttons (leftovers, haberdashery or flea market)
    • Embroidery thread in beige
    • Hot glue gun with hot glue or all-purpose glue
    • fabric scissors

    1. To cover the chip box, first cut a strip of fabric into the circumference and height of the box plus 3 cm seam allowance.

    2. Turn the strips of fabric at the edge each 1.8 cm and stitch with a decorative stitch, so that beautiful edges arise.

    3. Stick the banderole around the box with double-sided tape.

    4. Place the lid on the fabric and cut out at a distance of 1 cm.

    5. Stick the cloth circle with the textile adhesive on the lid and cut in the supernatant at a distance of 1 cm from the lid edge.

    6. Stick the double-sided tape around the edge of the wood and press on the supernatant.

    7. For the edge of the lid, cut a strip of fabric in the circumference and width of the lid edge plus 2 cm seam allowance.

    8. Turn strips 1 cm over each edge and stitch with decorative stitch. Stick strips with textile adhesive tightly on the edge of the lid.

    9. Thread a piece of embroidery thread through the buttons so that it looks like it is sewn. Knot the twine ends on the back and cut off excess yarn.

    10. Stick buttons in a loose arrangement with hot glue or all-purpose glue on the lid.

    11. box z. B. fill with spools or similar sewing accessories.