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Anna Christiana Hofbauer the new Bachelorette?

Is Anna Christiana Hofbauer the new Bachelorette?
Photo: Facebook / Anna Christiana Hofbauer

She is to turn 20 men's head

The secret seems to be aired: Anna Christiana Hofbauer is said to be the sought-after bachelor on the RTL show "The Bachelorette". Read more about her here.

Actually, RTL wanted to keep the identity of the mysterious beautiful as long as possible under lock and key. But now has apparently solved the mystery: Anna Christiana Hofbauer to be the new Bachelorette, starting on July 16 on television from 20 candidates looking for their Mr. Right.

But who is the young woman? Anna Christiana Hofbauer, born in 1988, grew up in the Allgäu and now lives in Berlin. She works as a theater actress and model for bridal wear. She also speaks at the ZDF television garden, the two-channel sound, which is aimed at blind and visually impaired viewers.

Comparing voice and figure with the previous RTL trailer, in which one sees no face, then a certain similarity is unmistakable . The station itself does not comment on the rumors about Anna Christiana Hofbauer as a possible bachelorette.