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Jeans trends of the stars

Jeans Trends 2014

New colors! New cuts!

Jeans: Black Beauty
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  1. 1) Black Beauties
  2. 2) shift change
  3. 3) Happy autumn!
  4. 4) Fully at the height
  5. 5) Shades of Gray
  6. 6) The bib has it
  7. 7) Yo, bro!
  8. 8) Put pressure
  9. 9) They are on the ball
  10. 10) Very relaxed!
  11. 11) Here comes the Blues Brothers
  12. 12. Now it's gonna be!
New details! We present: the 12 "‰ coolest jeans trends of the stars - and 48" ‰ top models for after-shopping.

Autumn has begun. Now the short skirts are stowed back in the closet and the long pants come to the leg. To make sure that you continue to walk through the streets in a sexy, yet well-warmed way, the all-rounder Jeans is in action. Here the Joy editors show the latest denim trends and trendy models.

1) Black Beauties

Black jeans are now particularly classy - and fit better than ever to send blazers.

1) Always goes! Timeless, partly handmade model (The Aarcc, around 160 euros) 2) Chic slots: It label from the premium area (J Brand, around 250 euros) 3) Understated style: Modern cut with Scandinavian touch (Tigerof Sweden, around 100 euros ), 4) Heavy Metal: Superedle Denimmit elaborate metal net application (Dawn, around 250 Euro)

2) shift change

Coated jeans are increasingly the focus, not only for the celebrities. Particularly popular are metallic, velvet and leather coatings.

1) kink-down: creased pleated pants in glossy leather look (Replay, around 290 euros), 2) Almost finished: slim-fit cut with "Undone" silver layer (diesel, around 200 euros), 3) Real tight! Superschmal variant (Rich & Royal, around 130 euros), 4) Cuddly: With games in suede leather style (Current / Elliot, around 310 euros)

3) Happy autumn!

Fresh color for drab days: warm nuances set the tone this season - and instantly create a good mood.

1) Rocker ocher: Cool model with uneven wash (Replay, around 169 euros), 2) Fir green: A gem - thanks to gold-colored zipper (Tribeca, around 170 euros), 3) Rusty red: Wow, rapid side stripes! (7 for all Mankind, around 280 Euro), 4) Dark Pink: skinny jeans with cracks (Gestuz, around 120 Euro)

4) Fully at the height

High-waist trousers are just big in coming. No wonder, after all, the legs look much longer.

1) Get the Blues! Jeans with twisted seam (Object, around 90 euros), 2) Cool combo: Gray wash meets high waistband (Levi's, around 100 euros), 3) Button-down: eye-catching buttons emphasize the waist (Orsay, around 40 euros), 4) Höhenluft : The cut forms a particularly beautiful silhouette (Vero Moda, around 40 euros)

5) Shades of Gray

Everything gray? Exactly! But the stars show: thanks to little extras and different shades, this is anything but pale.

1) Beautifully hatched: pants in stonewashed look (Drykorn, around 150 euros), 2) Cross-reference: The zippers are real eye-catcher (Topshop, around 55 euros), 3) Squat: Washed out jeans with cracks (Levi's, around 120 euros), 4) Cuddly: Light gray super skinny copy (Benetton, around 50 Euro

6) The bib has it

Click, click and you're already hip - because dungarees are back in fashion!

1) Walk the line: Basic tops are best for this model (Zara, around 45 euros), 2) times in a nutshell: A fancy detail is the continuous button placket (Forever 21, around 18 euros), 3) To feel good: Pants in a casual worker style (Guess Jeans, around 180 euros), 4) In top form: Pretty cool on these tight-fitting jeans: the patch breast pocket (Only, around 60 euros)

7) Yo, bro!

Wide cut, artificially aged, high carded: these pants are extremely casual - and the celebrities really good.

1) Grosskariert: class idea: the checker-Innenstoff (S.Oliver, around 80 euros), 2) Really crazy! With it you show a lot of skin (Pull & Bear, around 40 Euro), 3) Ritsch, ratchet: A prime example of the destroyed style! (Current / Elliot, around 335 euros), 4) Translated: Jeans with numerous patches and holes (Replay, around 270 euros)

8) Put pressure

Monochrome is too monotonous for them? Then move on here!

1) Scented type: Clear thing: Here you have something in bloom! (Orsay, around 35 euros), 2) Flagship: Biker Jeans meets Stars and Stripes (Camouflage Couture, around 430 euros), 3) Leo look: Do not worry, this kitten stays in the background (Rich & Royal, around 150 Euro), 4) Good view: Pants with cloud print (Lee, around 100 Euro)

9) They are on the ball

And how! because of the cool zips these models have even more styling options open.

1) Four wins: the recipe for success: straight shape and four zippers (Noisy May, around 40 euros), 2) whiz kid: jeans with elongated zippers (Mother Denim, around 280 euros), 3) Shape It, baby! The stretch fabric hides problem areas very easy (NYDJ, around 150 euros), 4) You're a darling: tube with zippers in gold (gestuz, to 120 euros)

10) Very relaxed!

The ultra-flexible jog-pants are not only popular in yoga classes in Hollywood.

1) Soft rinse: Megabequeme variant of Sweat Denim (Mac, around 130 euros), 2) Really relaxed: The pleats provide maximum legroom (True Religion, around 170 euros), 3) Great for the sofa: Extra comfort thanks to drawstring (Mavi, around 80 euros), 4) Casual look: jogging pants with washed-out knees (H & M, around 30 euros)

11) Here comes the Blues Brothers

Dark blue raw denims remain an integral part of the jeans family - especially because they are highly versatile.

1) Cool shoot: These pants are also turned upside down a good figure (KOI, around 140 euros), 2) The pices: Sturdy blue jeans in the basic style (7 for all mankind, around 220 euros), 3) Supersolide: A classic, without frills (Monki, around 35 euros), 4) Here's down! Special feature: the emphasizes deep bond (Benetton, around 47 euros)

12. Now it's gonna be!

Ready for the tube? Since they are in good company, because the stars are increasingly turning to skinny jeans. Really trendy: high-waist cuts.

1) Shabby chic: The many worn-out areas ensure a cool used character (Rich & Royal, around 130 euros), 2) Made of organic cotton: very simple fair trade pants with medium blue wash (KOI, around 130 euros), 3) Pretty bright: A real highlight: the celestial-soft blue tone (Benetton, around 47 euros), 4) Minimal cheating: The high collar of luxury jeans cheats away small fluffy loose (Citizens of Humanity, around 329 euros)

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