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Attention! Hot and spicy: Casper

Photo: Sony Music / Olaf Heine
  1. Men's special: Casper
  2. "I need little to be happy"
  3. In March and April Casper goes on tour

Men's special: Casper

Strong canvas heroes, cool musicians, exciting artists: 15 "‰ men sweeten the New Year. This time: Casper.

"I need little to be happy"

Under the hard shell of the German rapper Casper (bourgeois Benjamin Griffey) is a butter-soft core. In his authentic songs he tells of great feelings, but also painful stories from his life. The current album "Hinterland" sounds mature, was inspired by musicians like Arcade Fire and Tom Waits - and has already earned him a gold record.

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Despite his success, the Berlin elector shows no celebrity. Casper lives in a threesome shared flat, has given his ex-girlfriend the common, so-called "divorce cat" and needs little to happiness: "I'm totally happy with a bowl, fruit loops, bad Will Ferrell films and my Snuggie blanket. "

In March and April Casper goes on tour

Did he forget his supposed long-term friend Caro in this list? In March and April, Casper goes on "Hinterland" tour, more information is available at

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