Recommended, 2022

Editor'S Choice

Living colors: white with natural tones

This combination grounds, calms and relaxes

Soothing muted tones, because we feel the familiar materials from nature as pleasant. It feels good to touch grown wood, feel the warmth of wool and cuddle up in a sofa corner. In this atmosphere, you quickly forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Feminine note: Flower power on glass doors and fabrics.

Harmony secret

Many materials and styles are best combined when they come from a color family. In white, the P anton Chair, the curvy plastic classic, looks as modern as the spacey lamp from 2003. And even boxy shapes blend softly into the ambience, if they have a beige tone like the showcases made of light oak.

Origami art

The hydrangeas and tulips "Gaami" are folded from reed paper and preserve their beauty forever.

Manufacturer: Poster Group: Machalke. Dining table: Now by Hülsta. Dining chairs "Panton Chair": Impressions. Dining table lamp: Foscarini. Hydrangeas: Impressions.