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Which GNTM candidate looked so cute?

Germany's Next Top Model: Children's Pictures

Long, long ago. A candidate in the "NextGermany's Next Topmodel" 2013 season revealed to her fans how she and her sister Katharina looked like children.

Anna Maria Damm - Portrait of a child
Photo: @annamariadamm on Instagram
Who is the little Fratz, we solve here!

Sweet! "Germany's Next Top Model" candidate Anna Maria Damm showed her Instagram fans on July 27, 2014, how she and Sister Katharina looked like children: Anna Maria on the right, Katharina on the left.

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At the German casting show with Heidi Klum, Anna Maria participated in 2013 alone. Otherwise, the sisters do (almost) everything together. Meanwhile, they shoot a lot of Youtube videos and visit each other in their clips (Katharina Damm on Youtube, Anna Maria Damm on Youtube).

Both are definitely similar to their mini versions back then.

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