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9 Dating Myths: That's how flirting works today

The art of getting to know - this is flirting today!
Photo: Lynn Christiansen / Corbis

The dating season is open!

General flirting rules are often cited. The question remains: Which of these really make sense? Here are nine dating myths - nine matching truths. This is how flirting works today!

Dating Myth 1: The man must always take the first step.

The truth: who wants to play the old game of patience - please! Everyone else should open their mouths. Or do you really want to delete all shy classmates from your prey scheme ?

Dating Myth 2: No super-private confessions on the first night.

The truth: very wise. Not a word about the ex, the body-oriented dance therapy, the drowsy loan debt. Men are afraid of psychological crisis areas if they do not know the country yet.

Dating Myth 3: There must be at least three days between the first and the second date.

The truth: What a bureaucratic nonsense! Falling in love is a feeling, not a math problem - and spontaneity is evidence of self-confidence. But: permanent alarm is what desperate Dater.

Dating Myth 4: Inviting you to eat is your duty.

The truth: bad luck for Paul: Even if he lets a four-course menu jump - "dessert in return" was last when the black and white television was invented.

Dating myth 5: No sex on the first date.

The truth: Another rule from the section "What love does not need". There are couples who know each other weeks before it pops. Others fall over each other after 30 minutes. And that's good!

Dating Myth 6: If you style up for a date, you play with false cards.

The truth: Eso nonsense! Of course he will love your check shirts and your inner values ​​- IF he first caught fire. But before that all weapons are allowed. Oh well, "allowed" - commanded!

Dating Myth 7: In the beginning, it's best to meet only in pairs.

The truth: it would be smart. Finally, no one flirted with the "supervisory board". Once you know its breakfast rituals, the performance is open to the public.

Dating Myth 8: No longing plans for the future in the first two weeks.

The truth: Is it true. Anyone who conjures up the honeymoon trip to Seychelles so early in the morning can usually watch as he mentally plans to check out. Also applies to: spontaneous contraction ideas and the visit to Mama.

Dating myth 9: If he suddenly does not answer, you can forget him.

The truth: clear yes! The only exception: he lies with total amnesia in the hospital.

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