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15 compliments that have absolutely nothing to do with the exterior

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Personality compliments

These 15 compliments have nothing to do with the look of a person, but only with their personality. After all, it is she who really makes a person.

"You have beautiful eyes!" "Wow, did you lose weight? You look great!" "This dress is really good for you!"

We do not have to argue about a fact: It's nice to receive compliments. However, over time you might feel a little stupid when the compliments you hear are really all about looks, not about your inner values, about your personality. It's time we changed that!

It's best to start directly by yourself, and surprise the dearest people in your life with one of the 15 compliments below, which are not about the look of a person, but about their personality . Who distributes these compliments, they will certainly get back.

1. You are a good listener.

2. I can always rely on you.

3. I wish I was as brave as you.

4. Getting to know you has improved my life.

5. To help you, I would immediately drop everything. Because I know that you would do that for me as well.

6. Your laugh makes me happy.

7. You impress me.

8. When I'm with you, I just can not be in a bad mood.

9. I love your humor.

10. When you dance, you draw all eyes on you.

11. You are strong.

12. You are one of the most intelligent people I know.

13. You motivate and inspire me.

14. I am proud to know you.

15. There should be more people who are like you.

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