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Mario Götze half naked in the pool

Hot DFB player: Mario Götze

Do we see a soccer player doing a morning workout or a model doing a pretty hot photo shoot? Mario Götze trained on vacation just a little fitness with a round of swimming in the pool, and then let himself be photographed as the emergence of the same in extremely delicious pose.

Mario Götze half naked in the pool
Photo: @gotzemario on Instagram

It makes Mario Götze indeed a very delicious figure. Wet, half-naked, swimming trunks slipped under the buttocks approach: This spontaneous private photo could also come from an advertising campaign for men's swimwear!

The hot six packs of the World Cup players shows the gallery!

"I train every day. I love swimming, "he wrote to the recording (@gotzemario on Instagram) on July 30, 2014, proving that he has received the six-pack in well-deserved holidays. Of course, the 2014 World Champion also finds time to relax. Shortly before, he had teasingly winking at himself for a selfie on the bath towel, as well as intimate with girlfriend Ann-Kathrin Brömmel cuddling by the pool.

We could get used to the slightly clothed sight of Mario Götze. It's almost a pity that he has to wear a jersey again soon!

Mario Götze and Ann-Kathrin Brömmel cuddled so intimately on vacation!