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15 little things that (luckily) annoy everyone!

A pair of scissors that can not be released from the pack without other scissors? Annoying! But actually not that bad ...
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So you turn negative feelings into positive ones

Unwrap price tags, miss the train, step into chewing gum: 15 little things like these really make everyone crazy! Why this YouTube video helps to be more optimistic in everyday life.

The philosopher Aristotle was a smart man. He lived more than 2, 300 years ago, but he knew, "We experience events good or bad when we rate them good or bad." That's still true today, so if the bus gets lost in front of your nose, you either think, "Typical that this is happening to me, the day has gone! "or:" Tomorrow I set the alarm earlier, and now I enjoy the wait in the sun. " The latter is better and is called: optimism.

Optimism is the best life strategy today. But instead of confidence seems to be announced with many moaning and pessimism. The job is stupid (although it's great to have one at all), the euro makes everything more expensive (but also a lot easier), the partner annoys (of course, but is not it lucky to be loved?). But: optimism can be learned. Like the endurance of jogging, positive thinking can also be trained .

One incentive to relearn is the video "15 Little Things That Are Actually The Worst" . The YouTube clip is actually about the exact opposite: little things that annoy us and ruin our day . Toothpaste empty, missed track, pantyhose torn. But in the end, we think to ourselves: Is not it all that bad ? But annoying is also sometimes fun ... as this video proves!