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100 phrases that we use in everyday life

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No offense

Are you aware of how many phrases you use in everyday life? We show you 100 of these phrases. They will certainly be familiar to you.

"That's probably due to the weather", "No stress" and "Welcome to the club" - sentences that seem familiar to each of us. Whether it's talking to a co-worker or a friend, we've all used those phrases before. Only a few are aware that these are mere phrases.

Phrases often do not say much, but they are not without our language. If you do not get into conversation, phrases often serve as fillers to avoid pauses in the conversation. If you do not want to express your clear opinion, it can be fooled around with these words.

Precisely because today's phrases are among the common phrases, only very few of us notice how often we actually use them in our everyday lives.

We reveal 100 of these phrases. And you'll wonder how many of these gap fillers you've already used today ...

I can not work like this.


Did you know?

Let's go ...

No stress.

I laugh my head off.


The night is still young.

I google that once.

You can twist and turn as you like.

Welcome to the club!

What a blessing that I'm allowed to experience this in my life.

I do not want to say anything, but ...

That's probably due to the weather.

You do not get younger.

As I said....

Cheers meal!

No offense.

It can happen to anyone.

I think it chops.


A big movie theater!

Everything was better before.

I'll get in touch.

Is it true or am I right?

You can hunt me with that.


The world will not end because of this.

There was no place in it.

Anyone who can read is clearly at an advantage.

So, friends of the sun!

Yes, no, it's clear.

There's definitely an app for.

But, hey ...

First you come to my age.

Each his own.

Time is running again.

Let it be good.

According to me.

Tomorrow is also a day.

If you ask me, ..

That's something different.

Yes, yes.


And? How is the weather like that with you?

Can not do anything.

We are on the phone.

I let me know ...

... Point!

Why not?

And otherwise?

What should be has to be.

Morning is not really my time of day.

See you.

That depends.

Better late than never.

Good that we talked about it.


Less is sometimes more.


Not really.

Long time no see.

In any case.

I've always said that.

Does not come in the bag.

Same claps here, but no applause!

I have a question.

That's how it looks.

It will be allright.


We do not get together that young.

But hello!

Never say Never.

That does not work at all!

Does not hurt.

As far as I'm concerned...

That's the same thing in green.

He / she says a lot when the day is long.

Life is not a wish concert / pony farm

Does not work, does not exist.

Come on.

Well, who says that?

There are two found.

Every beginning is hard.

I have to go for little King Tiger.

Fits already.

Oh, you fat dog!

There you have to go through.

Nothing is forever.

We did not bet like that.

Let's see.

All's well that ends well.

Not in this tone.

I have more time than life.

Good question, next question.

So life is.

Right is where the thumb is on the left.

As long as you put your feet under my table ...

Everything just a matter of choice.

As simple as that.