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Charlene & Albert of Monaco: He breaks away from the baby stress

Photo: Getty Images

Whether day or night: Baby shouts are constantly echoing through the corridors of the Grimaldi Palace.

The eight-week-old twins Jacques and Gabriella demand their right, they are hungry, they must be taken care of! Clear that Princess Charlene (37) rushes to her little ones immediately.

And of course, the dad, Prince Albert (56) of Monaco, should take care of them lovingly. If he is at home.

Lately, you meet him more often alone on the road - Charlene stays at home with the children.

And in Monaco one asks oneself now: Does the prince go off in front of the Baby- Stress? Just now Albert traveled to Dornbirn (Austria) in his function as Olympic functionary.

Here, his niece, Alexandra von Hannover (15), showed her skills at the European Youth Winter Games in figure skating. Albert sat next to his sister's proud Mama Caroline, 58, and fired at the little Ice Queen. Although Alexandra landed by a fall on a back seat, but she got from the uncle many kisses and hugs!

Previously, Albert had already completed several appointments alone, as in Davos and St. Moritz (Switzerland) - even on Charlenes 37th birthday (25 January)! There he was at the award ceremony of the Rallye Monte Carlo. Hymns sounded, champagne corks popped.

Will the prince learn over time that baby roar is a much nicer sound?