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Queen Elizabeth: A life for the crown

Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne for 60 years. It has not always been easy, but she still masters her job with flying colors.
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She remembers 60 years on the throne

At the time of her birth, a minister sat in the adjoining room as a guardian.

Queen Elizabeth II - she is a monarch from the now snow-white crest to the sole, has been ruling the United Kingdom for over 60 years with iron discipline and a lot of heart.

But when Elizabeth was born, no one had any idea that once, as the most powerful woman in the world, she would lead a life for the crown ...

Interior Minister Baron Joynson-Hicks sat in the next room when she was born on the night of April 21, 1926. As a watchdog, so that no one of England's crown foists a wrong baby. For the Baron an annoying compulsory date, after all, Elizabeth was only number 3 in the throne.

And so her childhood was also a paradise full of laughter. This changed abruptly in December 1936, when her uncle Edward, the king, abdicated because of an unbecoming love and her father Albert became king - and sheir to the throne. Elizabeth was just ten years old. The girl began to suspect what was coming.

But Elizabeth soon had an ally: At 13, she met the love of her life, the jaunty Prince Philip of Greece . Wedding 1947. The two understand each other blindly, she loves his mischievous humor, he loves her sense of duty and her deep soul. Philip is the rock in her life, with him at the side she survives ups and downs.

For five years, the young couple enjoyed his luck. Then the stroke of fate: In February 1952 her father died, Elizabeth becomes "Queen Elizabeth" . A beautiful woman of 25 years, mother of two small children.

But she is strong, takes on the difficult task and fulfills her to this day with flying colors. The monarchy, the welfare of her empire, is her life's content. Abdicate? No way! The world bows to Queen Elizabeth II