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Report: Unequal celebrity couples

Whether coupling action or random acquaintance! Even celebrities get to know each other and love each other.

We have the most interesting stories!

Nicole Kidman (41) and Keith Urban (41)

That fits When they met in 2005, both longed for family and an intact relationship. He offered her a shoulder to lean on, she gave him the necessary grip. Despite his alcohol and cocaine addiction, she stopped by and supported him shortly after the 2006 wedding in his withdrawal.

That does not fit In addition to his angelic wife, the country singer always looks a bit out of place. No wonder he hates to be in her shadow - which can not be avoided because of her height of 1.80 meters. If one believes in astrology, the two of them will crash hard: as a twin, they put their mind to reason, while the scorpion man is a pure emotional man.

Conclusion Could work in the long run if he does not relapse: She gave him in July daughter Little Rose. He proves his affection in his own way: with a "Nicole" tattoo on the right upper arm.

Carla Bruni (40) and Nicolas Sarkozy (53)

That fits you is ex-model and is apparently on old, rich and powerful: Donald Trump, Mick Jagger, Kevin Costner and now the little Frenchman. He has a thing for beautiful women. Ideal! In their roles as First Lady and President, they complement each other perfectly - in the negative sense: nude photos of her are circulating, he attracts attention by texting SMS at the Papal Audience.

That does not fit Next to her, he looks like another ten years older. Just divorced by his wife number 2, he met the Italian in 2007 and made her after a month an application. Sounds suspiciously like midlife crisis.

Conclusion Alone it is thanks to him that his lousy poll numbers have risen again. However, right after the wedding she announced that monogamy was not her thing at all!

Paris Hilton (27) and Benji Madden (29)

That suits Both are better than expected: instead of parties, they are now doing couples evenings.

That does not fit She stands on handbag puppy dog, Designerfummel and pink eyeshadow. Benji on fighting dogs, lip piercings and full body tattoos.

Conclusion That plastic does not harmonize with hard metal, we know since Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee. Even with Paris and Benji did not fit. After nine months of relationship, the unequal couple separated in November 2008.ï¿¿¿½

Catherine Zeta-Jones (39) and Michael Douglas (64)

That fits Three Oscars, the couple stand on the shelf. He has been back for her career since the wedding, looks after the two children and throws the household.

That does not fit You both celebrate their birthday on the same day (September 25), but there are a proud 25 years in between.

Conclusion The retiree and the career woman - sex-God Douglas has become old or wise?

Keely Shaye Smith (45) and Pierce Brosnan (55)

That fits Although the ex-Bond was allowed to turn hot love scenes with the most beautiful women, he has only had eyes for his curvy Keely for 13 years.

It does not fit You're the best example that contrasts actually dress: Since the 2001 wedding, the California journalist has gained an estimated 20 kilos, while the Irish actor has vigorously campaigned for his role in "Mamma Mia."

Conclusion He loves every pound of her and serves her breakfast to bed until today!

Katie Holmes (29) and Tom Cruise (46)

That suits you both had a dream: He wanted after the divorce of Nicole Kidman finally the woman for life, they want to boost their careers as Misses Cruise.

That does not fit He is a control freak who prefers to see his wife at home. If she defies him to play, for example, at the Broadway Theater, there is Zoff. Then it may happen that he locks their credit cards or checks the telephone bills.

Conclusion This relationship is the most controversial in Hollywood. While US media reports on impending divorce, Tom plays the overjoyed father and husband - and she smiles in silence.

Sarah Brandner (20) and Bastian Schweinsteiger (24)

That fits you are the Beckhams of Germany! At the European Championships she was the most photographed player and he was the hero on the field. With that, the unwritten professional football law has won again: the best kicker gets (almost always) the most beautiful woman.

That does not fit bad tongues rumor that the young model uses her football friend only as a career springboard. After all, she now collects a daily fee of 15, 000 euros through the Schweini bonus!

Conclusion Success makes you sexy. So long as Schweini hits the ball, Sarah will cheer him!

Sharon Stone (50) and Chase Dreyfus (24)

Actually, that just fits their social streak: they got to know Sharon's charity project in July.

That does not fit The student needs her to show up to the clique, she as a confirmation that she is still desirable at 50.

Conclusion He did not pass the final exam: After only one Turtel season she has now given him the pass because her son Roan (8) is more important!

Cate Blanchett (39) and Andrew Upton (42)

That fits In the evenings, they share the sofa with their three children (and have been for twelve years!), During the day working as directors at the Sydney Theater.

That does not fit He is optically as well as successful clearly in their shadow. No wonder the first meeting was a disaster: she found him far too arrogant, he totally unapproachable.

ConclusionThe humorous intellectual and his muse are scandal-free happy. And Cate leave even film partners like Brad Pitt and George Clooney completely cold!

Jennifer Lopez (39) and Marc Anthony (40)

That suits you both come from Puerto Rico and grew up in the New York slums. Since she's dating him, the bitchy J.Lo times seem to be over. Instead of being in the limelight, she plays the perfect mom for the twins Max and Emme.

That does not fit Next to her, the pale Latino singer is unfortunately more and more dead than alive. In addition, the dominant lion woman sets the tone at home and has strict rules to bow to.

Conclusion Marc is already the third husband of La Lopez. So that he will be their last, they have recently renewed their marriage in Las Vegas - it is to be hoped that twice really holds better!

Luciana Barroso (32) and Matt Damon (38)

That fits In spite of his career, he remained down to earth, not interested in his fame. Since 2005 they are married and have two children together.

He does not fit. He studied at Harvard and won the Oscars at the age of 27. She was 22, got divorced and worked as a waitress in a nightclub.

Conclusion This mix fits - with stars like Winona Ryder or Claire Danes, Matt has never lasted so long!

Demi Moore (46) and Ashton Kutcher (30)

It fits He is fully integrated into their family: Demis children lovingly call him "Mod" ("My other Dad"), with ex Bruce Willis he often moves around the houses.

That does not fit. She is furiously jealous of his younger girlfriends. He desperately wants his own child.

Conclusion In terms of eternal youth, she is a full professional - a pregnancy is not impossible! The Craziest Baby Names of Star Offspring Celebrity Couples Gifts for Valentine's Day! How to make your love stronger! COSMOPOLITAN Online reveals it!