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Set up in winter: Our apartment will be cozy

Furnish your apartment: What could be more comfortable than a rocking chair with thick upholstery, cushions and cozy fur? Tip: individual dark painted walls, z. B. in purple, making large rooms more comfortable. With curtains in matching color draws noc
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  1. Cosiness made easy
  2. Set up your apartment: This is how the winter look succeeds in warm tones
  3. Kuschel-secrets
  4. Light secrets
  5. Gloss secrets

Cosiness made easy

It will be cuddly and warm inside with just a few resources. You only need a little color, fabric and candlelight. The best tips and design ideas can be found here.

Set up your apartment: This is how the winter look succeeds in warm tones


Soft materials: Cuddling is all about how pleasantly soft something feels on the skin. Some materials such as wool, fleece, mohair or fur also warm it extra. Faux fur is a pet-friendly variant and can also be washed mostly in the machine.

Warm colors: dark natural tones or soft purple and red are not only trendy - they also make the bedroom a relaxing retreat. A color painted wall is usually sufficient, z. B. behind the bed - otherwise it will quickly overwhelming.

Less is more: Too many cushions in different colors, materials and patterns quickly look cheesy. Only when the relationship between playful and factually correct, creates a place where you like to stay.

Light secrets

Luminosity: To relax in the evening in the living room gentle lighting is announced. Wood or paper lights ensure a well-tempered mood. But the living fire of candles and fireplaces most directly appeals to our senses.

Composition: A room illuminated to the last corner quickly becomes uncomfortable. Distribute two to three light sources in the room, because the play of light and shadow creates a very special feeling of security.

Orientation: In the living room, the light mood should be adapted to the respective use. Therefore, vary the ceiling light with floor and table lamps and set dimmers.

Gloss secrets

Gold or copper: Metal look is just a trend for decoration and fits perfectly into the wintry-festive atmosphere. Unlike silver, gold and copper are warm and inviting. At the same time they bring a touch of glamor even in more unsettling corners in the room.

Mirrors reflect the light, create depth and add value to spaces effectively. Simple models without frames take back and put the room in scene. A designer piece itself becomes a glamorous focal point.

Less is more: give accessories with mirrored surfaces a place where they can shine freely, but dose them well. As an accent they look best - as a glass vase on the window, table lamp on the dresser or shimmering candlesticks on the shelf.

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