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Pumpkin with floral arrangement

You need this:

Photo: deco & style
  • Material requirements:
  • 1 big pumpkin
  • Foil for laying out the pumpkin
  • 1 fresh flower plug (eg from Mosy)
  • bast
  • Wooden sticks (shashlik skewers)
  • about 5 rose hip branches (different varieties)
  • Decorative twigs
  • about 7 ivy banks
  • about 7 blackberries
  • various autumn leaves (eg, Funkien [Hottunya, Hosta], Bergenia, oak leaves, ...)
  • about 6 larger ornamental apples
  • 5 miniature pumpkins
  • about 6 ornamental quince fruits
  • small vegetables (eg carrots, chili peppers, ..
  • various autumn blossoms from the garden (stonecrop [Sedum], dahlias, astilbe, clematis fruit, hydrangea, ...)

It's that easy:

1. Cut the pumpkin lid straight with a knife. Hollow out the pumpkin with a spoon and lay out with foil.

2. Cut out the plug, water and place in the pumpkin.

3. Put twigs, leaves and tendrils all around in the plug.

4. Fix fruits and vegetables with wooden sticks or pigtails and fit into the bouquet.

5. Cut the flowers diagonally and stick them firmly in the Mosy