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White linen with stencil technique

  • White linen (eg.

      Model Blasippa from IKEA; about 29 euros)
    • Large cardboard or newsprint
    • Adhesive tape (eg painter's crepe, department store)
    • Self-adhesive template (eg from Home Design / C.Kreul, craft store, about 20 euros)
    • Fabric paint in yellow, orange, pink and red (eg from Javana, craft shop, 20 ml about 2.50 euros)
    • Sponge (department store)
    • clothespins
    • scissors

    1. Pre-wash bed linen in the machine and let it dry. Iron.

    2. Lay sheets as smooth as possible on a large table. Put a large cardboard or thick newspaper between the layers of fabric, so that the color does not go through afterwards.

    3. Fix the sheets with tape at the edges to get the smoothest possible surface.

    4. Cut the template so that each flower can be placed individually.

    5. Glue the template parts to the bedding as desired. If the edge of the template is too narrow, apply some masking tape to widen the edge.

    6. Hold the sponge with a clothespin, pick up the color and dab up the flower. Wash out template parts after each color and allow to dry hanging.

    7. Continue until the bedding is completely printed.

    8. Allow to dry for 24 hours, fix motifs by ironing on the left according to manufacturer's instructions.