Recommended, 2022

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Ghost Pendant made of enamel oil

  • Cookie cutters in ghost form (eg

      from St├Ądter; Kitchenware)
    • aluminum foil
    • Melted olein granules in green, blue, red, orange and white (eg from Heintze & Blanckertz; craft shop; 200 g approx. 5 Euro)
    • skewer
    • black decomarker (eg from Edding, stationery)
    • Tape for hanging
    • scissors

    1. Preheat the oven after the package insert. Place the cookie cutter on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil and fill it with melted molten granulate approx. 1 cm high.

    2. Put the tin in the oven, baking time according to the manufacturer's instructions.

    3. Remove sheet metal. Moisten the shish kebab with water and sting holes in the still liquid ghosts. Cool and press out of the jars.

    4. Paint eyes and mouth with decompressor.

    5. Knot bunches for hanging.

    Tip: A bowl mixed with water and vinegar 1: 1 in the oven neutralizes the odor of molten enol.