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Justin Bieber met Cristiano Ronaldo - and Lukas Podolski?

Football star meets Justin Bieber

In this photo we had to look twice: Not only do Cristiano Ronaldo and Justin Bieber seem to be good buddies. To meet with the teen Ido the football legend also wore the German national jersey.

Cristiano Ronaldo. Justin Bieber, Lukas Podolski jersey
Photo: @justinbieber on Instagram
Whose? We were allowed to tap that shortly afterwards.

Justin Bieber was visibly proud of his meeting with Cristiano Ronaldo and posted on 26 July 2014 immediately a selfie (@justinbieber on Instagram) to which he patted: "Cristiano Ronaldo and I are preparing for the season."

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However, we looked more at Ronaldo's shirt than at Justin's plentifully desperate three-day beard attempt. Who was the Portuguese national player stealing the jersey in black-red-gold? The answer was probably two days later, on the luxury body of Lukas Podolski:

He was wearing Ronaldo's name on his back. In his case, however, the tribute was a gift from football fashion label BALR, as he revealed (@poldi_official on Instagram). Of course, Cristiano's national jersey is number 7, but it's a nice sign of friendship that was certainly more significant than the meeting between Ronaldo and Justin Bieber!

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