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Simple hoskelanleitung for a bookmark

Practical and handy: This pretty bookmark can be taken anywhere.
Photo: deco & style

Little spring greeting

This little crochet flower is perfect for beginners. Try the pretty bookmark, give it away or just keep it for yourself.

You need this for the bookmark:

  • yellow, blue and green embroidery thread
  • Crochet hook with 2 - 3 mm diameter
  • scissors


And that's how easy it is:

1. Tie with yellow yarn a small loop the size of a loose stitch and crochet with chain stitches and close.

2. Crochet five petals with blue yarn: crochet one simple, one double, one small stick per petal at the yellow circle. Then crochet all petals once with simple stitches.

3. Crochet the stalk with green yarn and simple air stitches.

4. Also crochet the leaf in green with two simple sticks, then a double stick, then crochet two simple sticks again. Finally round the sheet with simple stitches.

5. Now connect the flower and the leaf to the stalk and add more flowers and leaves as desired.

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