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Helene Fischer: She also has small weaknesses

Helene Fischer is beautiful and incredibly talented, but she also has her weak moments.
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Love is her great hope

She shines, she laughs and always looks so happy. But there are also moments when the life-loving hit singer quarrels with herself ...

The path from Helene Fischer (28) leads steeply uphill. With much discipline and iron will, the once-unknown musical actress became a celebrated Schlager-princess. She has just been on tour for the sixth time. And everything was even more perfect and breathtaking than in previous years: 50 concerts in seven countries, eight costume changes, a floating stage.

Helene Fischer gives everything for her fans - and herself. It does not matter if she's in a bad mood or sick. Only when it hits her hard, she says concerts. Just as recently: A flu infection forced Helene Fischer that she could no longer occur.

That will be incredibly difficult for her. Especially for Helene Fischer, everything should go according to plan. And there she is sometimes in the way of herself, as she revealed in the RTL program "100 percent hit".

"I always like to control everything, " she confessed. And again: "which sometimes makes it a bit harder for me in life." But she also says, "I've been trying to work on it for years. Let's see if I can turn it off sometime - a bit. "

How nice that even this always so perfect-looking young woman has her small weaknesses - and is not ashamed to even talk about it in public.

Yes, it can often be hard for Helene Fischer to meet her own demands. All the more important are the love and affection of the people that are close to her heart: her family, her boyfriend Florian and of course the fans. Because one thing is clear: It is just the peculiarities that make a person only really interesting and lovable.