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DIY JeansSo you dye your jeans with a great pattern

We love our jeans and that's why we make them a unique DIY jeans. You can easily do that yourself.

DIY jeans: So you make yourself a pair of jeans with bleach
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Designing jeans yourself is no problem at all. You can also make t-shirts yourself with bleach. And the great thing about these garments: No one but you has them. They are absolute unique pieces.

We have 5 tips on how you can make yourself great DIY jeans and T-shirts:

Customize your jeans: The color of your jeans is too dark for you? No problem! Simply soak the jeans briefly in clear water, turn to the left and instead of washing with a little bleach (for example DanKlorix) wash in the machine on the main wash cycle. You already have a lighter pair of jeans.

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Create patterns: Great whitening effects can be achieved with bleach, brushes and sponges. Just apply the bleach on the shirt or splash and wait a little. If you only want on the front, put a slide in your shirt. Then wash and finish your unique DIY shirt.

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Jeans with individual patterns: What you can do with your shirt also works with your jeans. Magic with bleach a great camouflage look or jeans with light splashes.

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Used Look: Your jeans looks way too new to you? Then just spell some traces of wear by bleach the jeans in the right places.

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Grab a pair of scissors: Cut off jeans are currently in great demand. Especially special cuts are trend. So you can cut off your jeans yourself and are so trendy.

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