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What is an ex-girlfriend jeans?

At the Saint Laurent menswear show, the models wore tight skinny jeans.
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After boyfriend - now ex-girlfriend jeans - for men!

Tight, tight, ex-girlfriend jeans! But the new super stretch denim is not meant for us, but for men. Quasi as a fashionable equivalent to boyfriend jeans. What the trend reversal in men's fashion has to mean.

Women wear boyfriend jeans - and men? They now have girlfriend jeans. Rather, ex-girlfriend jeans . This model description stands for a whole new generation "Skinny" - and for guys! A pair of jeans that looks like he's been stealing their exits. Why it must necessarily be the ex? We do not know either.

And one more thing we're wondering about: Just when we thought jeans could not get any tighter, they did. Funnily, this happens in the men's fashion just when women decide to do without stretch models more and more. While loose "mom jeans", flared bell bottoms and casually stretched models are now conquering our wardrobes, guys like it tight, really tight! Crazy, these trends.

Also interesting: The emergence of ex-girlfriend jeans underscores the trend that more and more men in the ladies' section are looking for stretchy denims. For example, the sale of skinny jeans, eg at retailer Topshop, has risen sharply in recent months, according to a survey of the number of men who bought women's pants. Men who already wear the ex-Girlfriend look said in the survey that women's jeans leave more room in the crotch than Skinny's, which are made especially for men. Of course, in this case we like to share the changing rooms with the men. Finally, a recent study showed that too tight pants can cause bladder weakness and low sperm count. And so far, we would not even go for fashion!