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What food means in a dream

Dream Interpretation: food

If the last dream has turned to food, that could symbolize the desire to satisfy one's own needs. Being eaten is fears.

Mourning meal
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The dream symbol food is often an indication of an unfulfilled desire. The dreamer must first satisfy a basic need, and then take a step forward. This desire is represented in the dream by eating.

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Only when the basic desire - hunger - has been satisfied, is the dreamer ready to take new steps and dare. However, refusing to eat in a dream is a sign of a rejection of change and change in life in the dream interpretation.

Eating in a dream can also signal anxiety

Many feelings and no idea where to go? To be eaten in a dream can mean that one is overwhelmed by one's own feelings and fears. The dreaming is attacked by the emotions, possibly also by the emotions of others.

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