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Global Peace Index: That's why Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world

Iceland - paradise on earth?
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Germany in 17th place

If you do not want to take any risks on holiday, you should travel to Iceland. According to the Global Peace Index, the island state may call itself the most peaceful country in the world.

Glaciers, geysers and lots of meadows - as peaceful as the image we have of Iceland, it seems in the country actually. According to the Global Peace Index, the island is the undisputed number one in the world's most peaceful countries . Reasons for this are, for example, the low crime rate and the fact that there is virtually no military.

But in addition to such obvious factors, researchers also use many other criteria when calculating the global peace index each year. Statistics on demonstrations, relations with neighboring countries, the number of prisoners and the degree of mistrust among citizens are also indicative of how much the respective country can be considered peaceful. By the way, Denmark is followed by Denmark, Austria, New Zealand and Switzerland.

Germany only in the European midfield

And what about Germany? Finally, one would think that in this country but actually quite well-mannered. But in fact, the Federal Republic is only in 17th place and is thus in the European comparison only in the midfield.

Does that mean that a war could break out here at any time? Well, fortunately it's not that bad for us! Nevertheless, there are a few assessment criteria that make Germany less peaceful than our neighboring countries . For example, Germany is the third largest arms exporter in the world, and even violent attacks on foreigners are relatively high in Germany. In addition, the amount of money invested in education is smaller than elsewhere in comparison to gross domestic product. In all these areas, for example, the Scandinavian countries score much better. But do not panic! You can still trust yourself in the street with a good conscience.

Dangerous plaster: Middle East

According to the Global Peace Index, Syria is the least peaceful country in the world. And that, even though six years ago it was still on a worldwide average . The years of civil war, religious conflicts, women's oppression, lack of freedom of the press and a high child mortality are just a few points that make the state currently the most dangerous destination on earth . The situation is similar with Afghanistan, South Sudan and North Korea, to which peace-loving people would rather avoid.

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