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Why cats do us good

There are around 8 million domestic cats in Germany. They are among our most loyal companions - though they are often so proud and unapproachable.

Cats understand the signals of our soul
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The latest findings show that they influence our well-being more than expected.

Balanced, happier, happier - recent research at the University of Freiburg confirm: Cats have a much greater impact on our well-being than has long been suspected. And also the Zurich cat researcher Dennis Turner has found out: "The animals really have the proverbial seventh sense - instinctively they understand the secret signals of our soul, can respond quickly to our needs."

Three amazing examples : The cat helps with stress. If she notices that her owner is uneasy, she simply jumps on her lap and asks me for pats. The effect: The pulse rate drops as soon as you touch the fur, it immediately calms down. Turner: "This works better as a sedative from the pharmacy."

In more than 4, 000 years of partnership with humans, the cat even developed therapeutic abilities: a study by the University of Bonn shows that cat owners have significantly less depression. The psycho-effect: The balanced nature of the animals has a positive effect on their owners, they go through life relaxed.

Also, the chances of recovery after illness are greater for cat lovers. Recent studies show that they get fit faster because they can relax better and their immune system is stronger. Because cats are real connoisseurs. This can also be seen in how devoted and persistent they lick their fur. Nothing can disturb you. All we need to do is look at them.

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