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Vin Los: The model with facial tattoos

Vin Los was tattooed not only single keywords, but also breast hair.

Model pokes words from YouTube clips in the face

Vin Los wants to become the most famous man in the world. His strategy: To attract attention with countless tattoos on the face. Find out more about the model and his ambitions here.

That's not real. That is painted - OR NOT about? When scrolling through the Instagram account of Vin Los (24) it quickly becomes clear: The model has not painted terms like "Fame", "Guilty", "Scream" or "Play" for a shoot with felt-tip pen in the face. These are tattoos !

Of course, many model bodies adorn tattoos today . But if you earn your money with your face, you would think that at least here is the end with the colorful pictures without expiration date. Nothing there, at least not for Vin Los from Montreal. He was pricked all over his body, but most of the time on his face .

Criticizing the establishment? A social statement? Or a challenge to the Kosum? No, Vin Los just wants to be famous. "It's totally superficial, " says the men's model. "I go to YouTube, listen to the big hits, and just pick words out of the songs, and if you look at me in 100 years, you know what pop culture looked like in the early 2010s."

Despite the indistinctness of his perpetuated vocabulary, there must still be an intention that goes deeper than any pinprick? Sure, of course. Van Los wants to be the "most famous man in the world" - so his lapidary goal, that he puts himself in a YouTube video. "[My] tattoos are not just for me, I want to be an image that people look at, something more meaningful, " says the model opposite the "Vice" magazine. "Anyone who sees me asks, 'why FAME, what's his life?'"

At least the internet talks about him. Vin Los, welcome to your "15 Minutes of Fame". Let her tattoo you the best - there would be room around the nose ...