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Christmas with C & A and Xenia OverdoseWhat do I wear on the holidays?

The time of the many parties is just around the corner. Christmas parties, New Year's Eve and many other events invite you to really enjoy yourself.

Blogger Xenia Overdose on the way in Copenhagen
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  1. The Jumpsuit: an all-rounder for many occasions
  2. The Little Black
  3. The pantsuit

And for that, of course, woman needs the right outfit. Of course, one for every occasion - surely that's clear! On Instagram we got inspired for you and show you our favorite outfits for the holidays. No matter if it's a little black, a jumpsuit or a pantsuit, it's guaranteed to have the right look for everyone!

The Jumpsuit: an all-rounder for many occasions

He comes along casually, but not without complication in styling: the jumpsuit. At best, its effect is cool and sexy. The good piece, however, becomes a real faux pas when the woman recalls a burschikosen construction worker. Accordingly, feminine elements are the right choice for the jumpsuit to work. The footwear should be graceful. Of chunky models best of the fingers. High heels, on the other hand, are just the right choice because they spray an extra dose of femininity. A good alternative: delicate, falche shoes à la Ballerina - looks great especially for tall women with long, slender legs. A clutch and a beautiful lion's mane complete the look.

1st bangle, 6 euros; 2nd clutch, 19 euros; 3rd jumpsuit, 49 euros; 4. Pumps, 19 euros; 5th ring, 5 euros

The Little Black

The Little Black - an absolute classic of fashion - is always there and at every opportunity. It makes women, no matter which character, look great and flatters small problem areas. The beauty of this garment: its infinite variety! This results in many interesting styling possibilities in which each type can be found again. Very nice to the little black - especially at Christmas or New Year's Eve - are black high heels and sparkling, glittery accessories.

1st chain, 7 euros; 2nd clutch, 15 euros; 3rd dress, 79 euros; 4. Ankle boots, 39 euros; 5. Earrings, 5 euros

The pantsuit

Every woman in the closet should have a trouser suit, because apart from the job interview, at Christmas and New Year's Eve, it's also a great way to dress in style. Very wonderful and a little less stuffy look models with print or Brokatmuster. Plus a few fine accessories and great high heels.

1st pumps, 19 euros; 2nd Blazer, 59 euros; 3rd belt, 12 euros; 4th pants, 39 euros; 5th bag, 15 euros

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