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When is Plus Size actually Plus Size?

At H & M + the sizes L to 3XL are considered "big sizes".
Photo: H & M

The definition of plus size fashion

The fashion world loves match-thin girls. But the demand for fashion, with which you can be fashionable without leg legs, is growing. Many labels offer their own large-size lines. But their definition of plus size fashion is different.

The controversy surrounding Calvin Klein's campaign model Myla Dalbesio this week is just the latest hot- talk on the subject of plus size and the desire for a greater variety of dress sizes in the fashion world. The largely deprecated reactions to the campaign, which declares a model with size 40 as a plus size, let us ask the following question: When is Plus Size even Plus Size?

German Plus Size labels such as Ulla Popken, Sheego or the online store are making millions in sales, while in the USA the annual turnover of the oversize industry is 17.5 billion dollars a year. No wonder that more and more brands are launching their own large-scale lines to earn a share. Striking: only the definition of plus size fashion seems to be different for each label.

H & M's H & M + line offers the sizes Large, XL, 2XL and 3XL. Mango's "fitting size" vampire brand Violeta is available from 36 to 52. In the Triangle by s.Oliver collection we find fashion from 40 to 54 and ASOS Curve is available in sizes 46 to 58.

Of course, it's great that more and more fashion labels are expanding their range and offering fashionable clothing in a wider range of clothing sizes. But the size definitions of Plus Size, which are often far apart, do not only confuse you (although the fashion is totally different anyway in all sizes), they also pose the problem of superfluous labeling. If the different brands can not agree, why is there then at all a difference between Plus Size and the other dress sizes?

No, the answer is certainly not the perfect definition of plus size fashion . Rather, it may be time to include a wider range of clothing sizes in the very normal collections.

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