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Vero Moda: Topmodel style to imitate

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When style icons like Kate Moss, Gisele Bundchen or Helena Christensen become the face of a brand like Vero Moda, we too want to wear it. Waiting, waiting and digging?

Vero Moda FS 2011
Photo: PR
Wrong! In the online shop you can order your favorite items quite comfortably.

We love the style of Gisele Bündchen & Co.! Of course we are always looking for similar parts. And because Gisele was once the face of Vero Moda, the label is right at the top of our list. Of course, the trendy shop also attracts many other fashion fans. The result: full shops, in a jiffy, a shopping trip can be quite exhausting.

Thanks to the online shop, we can let off steam in terms of clothes, shorts, accessories and more, making us comfortable on the couch at home.

Unfortunately, the ordered goods can not be returned in one of the numerous shops, but you have to send everything back - so look closely at the size!

Facts: Vero Moda is just one of ten brands of the Danish fashion company Bestsellers, founded in 1975, which employs more than 41, 000 people in over 43 countries. In 1987, Vero Moda joined as a brand and has established itself as a figurehead of the company.

Why we love it: From the romantic 70ies look, to the American style, to the military vintage look, the online shop offers everything your heart desires. And if the shopping fever has hit us, we can also order the bestsellers of the other brands of bestsellers like Only or Vila. With eight collections per year at fair prices we are guaranteed not boring.

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