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H & M shows Stan-Smith-Lookalike - for 25 euros!

He was last year's runner-up: Adidas' Stan Smith. Even designer Isabel Marant was inspired for her "beard sneaker" by the sneaker from the seventies.

Made of imitation leather, with lacing and rubber sole, there's the white sneaker now also at H & M, about 25 euros.
Photo: H & M

And now H & M. We show cult shoe and copies in comparison.

What came first: The chicken or the egg? Such a similar questioning game, we sometimes put ourselves in terms of sneakers. Céline showed high tops last year that are reminiscent of Nikes, Louis Vuitton once put on footwear à la New Balance and Karl Lagerfeld seemed to be inspired by the black model of the US brand. While we still ponder the poultry question, the answer in the sneaker case seems quite clear.

Adidas' Stan Smith was last year's street style favorite. In 1971, Adidas developed together with the tennis player Stan Smith, the same shoe model. Last summer, he experienced his fashion mega-comeback. Isabel Marant also showed a pretty similar model with her "beard sneaker" . White leather, lacing and contrasting heel. The only difference: almost 200 euros lie between the shoes of the sports manufacturer and those of the designer label.

Just like the Birkenstock trend, it was the original that first became hip, before the white sneaker wrapped itself in a high-fashion garment, before being copied again in the low-priced version. So also with Stan Smith. Because freshly arrived in the online shop of H & M : an Adidas lookalike with cream-colored flap and heel insert. For 25 euros.

The original: Stan Smith, here with heel insert in animal print, by Adidas, about 85 euros. Designer version: beard sneaker with metallic insert by Isabel Marant, approx. 280 Euro.