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USAFlorida: Kasuar Runebird kills owner with his claws

The cassowary is considered the most dangerous bird in the world. A specimen has now fatally attacked its owner in Florida.

A cassowary attacked his owner in Florida with his claws. The man died in the hospital.
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In the US state of Florida, a causal attacked a 75-year-old bird breeder with his claws and thus killed. Among other things, the 'BBC' and the 'Miami Herald' report, the owner should have been in the enclosure of the rune bird. Then the man should probably have stumbled and fallen down. He died in the hospital. The police assume an accident.

Kausare: most dangerous bird in the world

Caussaries can grow up to 1.70 meters and weigh 60 kilograms . They are similar to emus and live mainly on the island of New Guinea. The animals have strong legs and big claws. On each side of the inner toe of their feet, they have a dagger-like claw that can grow to ten centimeters long . It is considered very dangerous. In the case of a threat, the ratites usually attack their victim with both feet simultaneously.

They tend to stay away from people. The deceased man bred next to the Causal and other exotic animals on his property. His wife now looks after the animal.

 Florida: Kasuar-Vogel tötet Besitzer mit seinen Krallen
The causal is considered the most dangerous bird in the world. His claws are partially dagger-like. With them, the animal attacks its victim when it feels threatened.
Photo: iStock / Wunderweib

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