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Drake makes Rihanna hell

Rihanna & Drake after the breakup

A childish revenge action Drake has done at a concert. Seems like the separation from the Barbados beauty Rihanna is still heavy in the stomach.

  1. Update, August 8, 2014, 11:30 am: Drake apologizes to Rihanna
  2. Drake discovers Rihanna at his concert
  3. Drake handles the violent breakup
On stage, he discovers the singer and compares RiRi with the devil.

Update, August 8, 2014, 11:30 am: Drake apologizes to Rihanna

Since Drake has probably shot something over the target and not thought about the consequences of his action. Now the rapper apologized to Rihanna with a tweet. On August 6th, Drake posted the following lines: "My album title is VIEWS FROM THE 6th. The 6 is Toronto. Rih is a great girl who knows how to kill this tour with Eminem. It's all love !! "All love? Very strange!

Projecting the Devil Number 666 onto a video screen with a picture of his ex-affair is not exactly a loving affair. But maybe it's just a clever marketing move from Drake. So he is at least in conversation and tickets for his tour will also sell well.

Drake discovers Rihanna at his concert

Phew, poor Rihanna! The R'n'B queen is really out of luck with men. First she hung eternities on the beating Bad Boy Chris Brown and also the on-off-love Drake begrudge the singer no peace. After all, her ex-wife can not restrain himself and publicly expose his ex at a concert in his Canadian hometown Toronto on 4 August 2014.

In choosing her clothes, Rihanna proves to be more sensitive. The pictures of her fashionable outfits!

There, during the song "Days of East", the musician showed a video-player with a red-inflamed image of Rihanna. Granted, that's not too bad. It was shocking for the concert visitors, because before and after the Rihanna photo, the number six appeared three times on the screen - a symbol of the devil.

Drake handles the violent breakup

We knew that RiRi and Drake had split up after a fierce row in May 2014, but was it really so bad? For Drake, there seems to be only a fine line between love and hate. So Rihanna was obviously degraded by his goddess on the throne goddess equal to the devil.

A good match to get your loved one back is not the devil's number. Our advice: "Have a Drake again! Stop fucking Rihanna. Without public disgrace, you will win back your sweetheart much sooner! "

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